Interactive Chart Demos

Audio Signal Analysis (2D) Surface Edition (3D) using mouse and table

Surface Chart Demos

Simple surface Demo (see example code) Big surface Demo
Delaunay Tesselation Demo No Wireframe Surface Demo

Scatter Chart Demos

RGB Scatter Demo (see example code) Multicolor Scatter Demo
Scatter 4d Demo Scatter Spheres Demo

Bar Chart Demos

Cylinder Bar Chart Demo Rectangle Bar Chart Demo

Interactive Chart Demos

Selectable Scatter Demo Dynamic Chart Demo
Pickable 2D Graph Demo Selectable Scatter Demo

Vertex Buffer Object Demos

VBO are efficient objects storing data to draw in GPU, hence being able to deal with milions of polygons

Obj File VBO Demo Matlab File VBO Demo

2D Charts Demos

Audio Analysis Demo
2D Histogram Demo

Contour Chart Demos

Contour Demo Contour 3d Demo
Filled Contour Demo Filled Contour Demo (2d picture)
Height Map Demo Height Map Demo (2d picture)

Chart Layout Demos

Axe Layout Demo Background Image Demo
Overlay Graphics Demo

Other Demos

  • Offscreen: allows the generation of pictures without opening a frame.
  • MultiScreen: allows multiple views of the same scene in several panels (e.g. 3d and 2d-top view)