New features in 0.9

  • More efficient mouse hit processing method based on picking
  • 3d Bernstein interpolator for simple smooth lines define by few keypoints
  • Improved text and annotation management
  • Offscreen canvas integrated
  • Easier multiplatform deployment: JOGL now bundles native libraries with one jar per target platform. Required native are automatically resolved and you no longer have to worry about setting a runtime directory to reach native libraries. Many systems are supported:
    • Mac OSX Universal
    • Windows i586
    • Windows amd64
    • Linux i586
    • Linux amd64
    • Solaris i586
    • Solaris amd64
    • ...
  • Experimental Newt canvas
  • Experimental Applet chart on AWT canvas

Note: Swing canvases is unstable for some computers since we ported Jzy3d to JOGL2. One other bad thing with this canvas is that it is based on the JOGL GLJPanel which is known to be slow. You can still use an AWT canvas in a Swing application, it will just be unable to render other JComponents on top of him (message box, dropdowns).

Discussions with JOGL developpers led us to investigate an alternative JOGL windowing toolkit named NEWT, being much more crossplatform, easier to deploy on the web, and also at least as fast as the AWT canvas used in Jzy3d. One can now call a very minimal new Chart("newt") and have a Newt canvas based chart without any controller. Anyone wishing to collaborate on the Swing or Newt canvas improvements is welcome!

Executable demos

Download an run the executable demo browser. Double click run-demos.bat on windows, on mac/unix. On mac/unix you should define the script as executable, or simply run:

java -classpath "lib\*:org.jzy3d-0.9-demos.jar" org.jzy3d.demos.browser.DemoBrowser

On windows, replace : by ;

The demo comes with an experimental applet chart launcher: simply double click jzy3d-applet.html to open a 3d canvas in your browser.

API Download

Sample codes