New features in 1.0.0

2016, 13th April

JavaFX Compatibility

All features of the library can now be plainly used in JavaFX applications thanks to a simple port. This port uses an offscreen JOGL chart and draws the generated image in a JavaFX ImageView (+ offers similar mouse controller policies ported to JavaFX).

Try the demo program

We are also investigating core JavaFX charts.

2d Charts

Vocobox project has pushed further the capabilities of Jzy3d for 2d rendering. There are now multiple Serie2d (scatters, lines, dashed lines, areas) with various coloring policies (global, per point, colormap based), supporting edition and rendering concurrently.

Here is a code example using 2d series to render information about an audio signal (pitch, amplitude, note, etc). See also this short video showing the charts rendering audio signal information in real time.

Try the demo program

Logarithmic Charts

By providing a simple transform to the scene graph, one can easily turn an existing chart into a log chart.

Try the demo program

Status : Prototype.

BigPicture : rendering large datasets

We have improved VBO support for top performance rendering (currently 2D & 3D scatters and line charts with up to 5 millions vertices). BigPicture project provides new I/O helpers to read large datasets (HBase, Spark, etc)

See the repository demos

List of changes

  • Upgrade JOGL to 2.3.2. We noticed little rendering differences on MacOS (especially text size and scatter width). Let us know how it works for you.
  • More 2D drawable
    • 2D Line series
    • 2D Scatters series
    • 2D Histograms, which can be processed incrementally (feed data as it arrives, see bigpicture readme).
  • Screenshots render and export translucent pixels properly
  • View.setScale support all dimensions (X,Y,Z)
  • More VBO Demos with new I/O support
    • 1 milion Scatter
    • Objfile loader
    • Matlab file loader
    • HBase, Spark, etc readers
  • More scene graph transforms
    • Space transforms can apply a log (or whatever) transform to scale the whole scene graph including the axes.
    • Self transforms use GPU to apply rotation/shifts etc (different than existing geometrical transform that use CPU to transform primitives).
  • Replace all remaining sysout/syserr by log4j Loggers


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